Same Rivers Different for solo percussion (1998)

Duration c. 8’ 30” Commissioned and premiered by Arnold Marinissen, Ijsbrekker, Amsterdam, January 2, 1999.

Recording available on “Same Rivers Different” by Michael Fiday, Innova Recordings (

Program Notes

Water music, essentially.  Some of the music is wet, liquid – some dry as a stone.  The pulse like a river – straight, steady, but with abrupt twists, turns.  You hear the same music 3 times (but never the same – can’t step in the same stream twice…) followed by an extended afterthought.

“Upon those that step into the same rivers different and different waters flow…

They scatter and…gather…come together and flow away…approach and depart.”

fragments 12 and 91

Composed for Arnold Marinissen.


“…nervously hypnotic” – Gramophone Magazine