5 Monochromatic Dances for recorder quartet (1993)

Duration c. 20 minutes Commissioned and premiered by Brisk recorder quartet: September 1994, Ijsbrekker, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Program Notes

5 Monochromatic Dances was originally written for the Dutch recorder quartet BRISK, who premiered it on September 25th, 1994 at de Ijsbreker in Amsterdam.

The term “monochromatic” refers to an artistic technique whereby a painting is done entirely in different shades of the same color.  This analogy resides here both in terms of instrumentation (in the 3 fast movements all 4 musicians play the same recorders: I = 4 sopranos, III = 4 bass, V = 4 altos) and gesture (each “dance” making use of only one or two ideas or means of articulation).

5 Monochromatic Dances may be performed in its entirety, or selected movements played as a set.

Dedicated to Louis Andriessen.