3 Winters for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano (2007)

Duration c. 7 minutes Commissioned and premiered by Irene Maessen – voice, Eleonore Pameijer – flute, Marja Bon – piano, February 20, 2007, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Audio Sample
(Performers: Irene Maessen, Eleonore Pameijer, Marja Bon)

Published by DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, Barcelona, Spain.

Click here to order: https://www.dinsic.com/ca/publicacions-clasificacio-general/escoles_de_musica_i_conservatoris-grau_superior/card/partitura-mv46-three_winters 

Program Notes

Three Winters are settings of three haiku written by three different haiku masters, each dealing with winter as seen through the eyes of their own distinct poetic sensibilities: Issa (the humanist), Buson (the colorist) and Basho (the ascetic). 

Three Winters was made possible through the support of the Ohio Arts Council, and also through the good graces of the Yaddo artist colony, where I composed the work in residence in December of 2006.

The snow is melting
and the village is flooded
with childen

Kobayashi Issa

Blow of an ax,
pine scent,
the winter woods.

Yosa Buson

Winter solitude
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

Matsuo Basho